He asked to return to prison because he could not stand his wife

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A man seems to have reached his limits in Italy who was placed under house arrest as he appeared at a police station asking to return to prison as he could not bear to stay at home with his wife.

The 30-year-old Albanian, who lives in Guidonia Montecello, near Rome, “He could no longer bear to manage the forced cohabitation with his wife”, according to a press release from the Tivoli police, a nearby town.

“Outraged by this situation, he chose to leave and spontaneously appear before the police in order to ask to serve his sentence in prison”, is mentioned in the announcement.

The man had been placed under house arrest for several months for drug-related crimes and would have to remain there for several years, Tivoli police chief Francesco Giacomo Ferrade told AFP.

“He lived in his house with his wife and family. It was not going well anymore “, he added.

“He said, ‘Listen, my family life has become hell, i can no longer, i want to go to jail“».

The man was immediately arrested for violating the restrictive conditions and the judicial authorities ordered his transfer to prison.

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