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He died just hours before he got married and a random Instagram post revealed his secret life

A 35-year-old woman who was preparing to get married was plunged into grief, as a few hours before the wedding her lover died of a heart attack. However, a random Instagram post made her even more upset after it revealed his secret life. Kaitlin Palmieri from New York was set to marry 33-year-old Eric in August 2020. But on the morning of their wedding day, the man suffered a heart attack and died, as he was dealing with a serious heart problem without knowing it. According to a report by the New York Post, Palmieri sank into grief and returned to her father's house, while she began psychotherapy to overcome the shock. Over time the pain seemed to heal, but on November 20, 2023, Eric's birthday, she noticed something on social media that would change her life. Specifically, he saw a woman who lived on the West Coast of the US pay tribute to a man named Eric who died of […]
Source: News Beast

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