He drowned and found a $ 45,000 winning ticket in his pocket that he did not manage to redeem.

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If you are lucky, cross it, says a popular folk saying. In the case of a 57-year-old man from Michigan However, the This phrase probably ended when he learned that he had won the not-so-negligible $ 45,000 lottery..

Gregory Jarvis was at the Blue Water Inn in Caseville on September 13 when he gambled and won a jackpot.

“Very nice guy, he was here every day,” said owner Don Talaski. “Someone shouted” a jackpot came out, someone won. “Jarvis, as soon as he realized it was him, looked very happy.”

The owner of the inn said that the man returned a week later after drinking his drinks but told her that he had not been able to redeem the lucky ticket because he did not have the proper documents. According to the New York Post in the US, in order to be able to withdraw money from winning gambling, you must have a Social Security card, among other required documents.

«He could not redeem it because he did not have a Social Security card, so he applied for a new one“, Said Talaski

The tragic irony of fate

The business owner said she was worried when Jarvis did not show up again as usual.

“Sometimes he’s north and he’s working, he’s not been here all week and we thought something was wrong,” he said, adding that Jarvis’ boss later showed up at the bar to let him know he hadn’t been at work for days.

A resident along a private beach in the small town of Huron County told police that a body had been washed ashore near a boat, which was found to belong to Jarvis.

“We end up with the scenario that while he was trying to moor his boat, he slipped and fell. “He hit his head and ended up in the water,” said Police Chief Kyle Romzek.

The autopsy found that Jarvis had drowned after hitting his head.

“He was planning to take that money and go see his sister and father in North Carolina,” Talaski said.

The ticket he won was handed over to Jarvis’s relatives.

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