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He got ‘turkish teeth’ and it’s the worst thing he’s ever done – ‘I look like Ross from Friends’

The “Turkish teeth” also known as “teeth Turkey» may attract more and more people, with celebrities and influencers to say “proud”but not everyone is happy about the decision they made, as the consequences are almost irreversible.

As reported by TikTok user thesun.co.uk @mdcov86 upload a video to the popular app, emphasizing that it’s the worst thing she’s ever done in her life. In fact, in addition to the unbearable pain, he also referred to the negative comments he receives, stressing that “i look like ross from friends».

The woman said she went to Turkey in April and paid about 7,000 euros to put in the “Turkish teeth”, while at the same time removing wisdom teeth, as well as some generally decayed teeth.

“I went through it, they put my teeth in the day I was coming home and when I came back I realized one in the back was cracked.” Then she contacted the dentist in Turkey and told her that he cannot serve her immediately, because he has many clients on the waiting list.

So the TikToker visited three different doctors in Britain – where she comes from – and they all told her that now he needs 23,000 to 35,000 eurosto fix the teeth of and without guaranteeing that the condition will be fully remedied.

What are “Turkish teeth”

“Turkish teeth” are a new dental trend that develops in Turkey and attracts many influencers but mainly British citizens, because it promises to give a bright white smile, with the cost being particularly low. Nevertheless, many failure cases have been reportedwith dentists in the United Kingdom – where the problem is mainly located – warning of consequences to dental hygiene that cannot be reversed.

This aesthetic trend, it has been popularized by TV personalities like Katie Price and Jack Fincham of ‘Love Island’, it involves fitting cases or porcelain veneers. Also, this trend is supposed to leave customers with a bright smile comparable to that of Hollywood stars and already the corresponding hashtag #Turkeyteeth, is doing the rounds of the internet and has been viewed more than 100 million times.

The dentist therefore grinds the teeth and gives them a sharp shape, so that cases can be placed on them, to offer “a bright smile with white teeth”. Nevertheless, this practice is normally applied only to damaged teeth, as the nerve is affected due to the grinding.

Source: News Beast

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