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He is criticized for taking care of his girlfriend’s baby and gives a lesson in true parenting

Edgar Acosta, 27, earned the internet’s respect and admiration after sharing on social media that he and his girlfriend, Carol, were expecting a baby. However, what caught the attention of Internet users is that he is not the father of that little boy, a situation that generated all kinds of reactions, from applause to criticism.

Despite the negativity of some people in such a situation, he remained firm with the decision to take care of the child, because he only wants to start a family with the woman he loves the most and, what others say, is not his business.

Her story began when Carol believed in a man who swore love, loyalty and fidelity to her, but ended up giving her the opposite. Despite all this, she tried to keep their relationship afloat and unexpectedly ended up pregnant. Their relationship was hopeless and she understood that she should not remain in a place where she was not loved or respected as she deserved.

What Carol did not know is that there was someone waiting for her and fate took it upon herself to put him in her way. She and Edgar met using the Uber app, a week later they had their first date and everything seemed to be going well, but only a few days later, Edgar realized that she was pregnant.

Family in the bedroom;  Man is criticized for taking care of his girlfriend's baby

Despite knowing her story and the responsibility that was coming, he decided to get to know Carol more and ended up madly in love. Unfortunately, his friends and even part of his family did not approve of his relationship and even “recommended” that he move away from Carol, because he did not have to carry the responsibility of another man.

He ignored what others were saying and set about caring for Carol and her baby as if it were his own child on the way. When the baby was born, he and Carol welcomed her full of love. Edgar shared his story on social networks, giving a great paternity lesson and showing that as the saying goes: “Father is not the one who begets, but the one who raises, educates, accompanies and loves.”

His story was applauded and criticized in networks, but his act makes it clear that love is presented in our lives in different ways and that someone better will always come into our lives, capable of healing all pain and guiding us to a better life.

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