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‘He is not being treated for Parkinson’s’ – White House on Biden’s health

A spokesman for the White House assured today that he has “detected no sign” of concern on the part of NATO member states about the physical condition of President Joe Biden. At the same time, it was noted that Biden was examined remotely by his doctor today, the White House said, adding that the president has such examinations twice a week. Also, Biden’s doctor stated that the American president is not being treated for Parkinson’s disease and his doctor sees no reason to re-examine him for this disease. “Is the president (Joe Biden) being treated for Parkinson’s disease? No. (…) Does he take medication for Parkinson’s disease? No,” the spokeswoman for the American presidency, Karin Jean-Pierre, said today. The New York Times reported today that an expert on this neurodegenerative disease was summoned eight times in eight months to the White House, from the summer of 2023 to this spring of 2024. Source: APE
Source: News Beast

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