«He is worse than me»: the variety restarts from the strange couple Marco Giallini and Giorgio Panariello

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To see them it seems that Marco Giallini and Giorgio Panariello they have nothing in common, and this is precisely the strength on which it rests He is worse than me: the antithesis of the protagonists, the interlocking of two apparently poles apart worlds that touch each other to give life to an old-fashioned variety in which fun, singing and reflection are the basis of the formula. The program, defined by the protagonists themselves as a “sit show”, starts on Thursday 4 February in prime time on Raitre, confirming the intention of the third network to be the always open window on a world, that of theaters and live shows, sealed up for too long.

Waiting for March 5, when the cinemas should reopen and the now parched titles on the billboards should start again, Marco Giallini and Giorgio Panariello, emblems of Rome and Tuscany, they engage in an unprecedented show full of surprises, interviews, monologues and guests. In the first episode, they will find space among the “friends” welcomed by the hosts Marracash, Kasia Smutniak, Antonello Venditti, Francesco De Gregori, Paola Turci, Piero Dorfles, Marco Travaglio and Filippo La Mantia, ready to give life to a variety that will lead Panariello and Giallini to bring out the best of their repertoire without ignoring a certain amount of improvisation. «Marco and I do not know each other yet, but we have met with our points of view. From there was born the desire to do something different together on TV: I from my varieties, he from his fiction “explained Panariello to I smiled.

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He is worse than me, which will see the protagonists as two neighbors separated by a wall but in two adjacent rooms, starts from a revolutionary idea: inside their rooms, in fact, Panariello and Giallini will try to carry on their show at the same time, hosting its guests and using its own register. Together with various disturbing elements that will be inserted during the evening to understand how the two showmen will manage their space, it is clear that the public who has had the opportunity to follow their direct on Instagram during the lockdown will expect to find that genius and that cynicism that only two consummate performers like them are able to convey on the screen. The program, which takes its title from a famous film with Celentano and Pozzetto, is produced by Raitre in collaboration with Friends & Partners.

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