He lets his son drop out of school to play Fortnite and now he’s a millionaire

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Video games have become so popular that they have gone from being simple entertainment to university degrees and digital sports. For this reason, a mother allowed her son to drop out of high school to play Fortnite professionally, one of the most popular games of the last decade.

The woman has been criticized for her decision. However, that does not worry her or her son, who, in addition to positioning himself as the number one player, has become a millionaire.

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Benjy Fish playing online

In accordance with PTR, Benjy Fishy discovered his abilities when he was about 15 years old. By then, and without being a professional, he was already earning close to $10,000 a month from participating in local tournaments.

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However, his success would not be possible without the support of his mother, who recognized his talent in front of the monitor and found out about tournaments, benefits and opportunities for growth, allowing him to drop out of school to start a new adventure.

Benjy Fish dressed as Mario Bros.

The woman was harshly criticized by family, friends and even by school authorities, as no one believed that it was the best decision for Benjy, since he still had things to learn in the classroom.

But in 2019, during his first year as a semi-pro player, Benjy earned eight times the UK median salary, around €11,300 (approximately $12,180).

Benjy’s life seemed like a dream, but with the covid-19 pandemic, his earnings took a hit, as well as his social media content. This also meant a new opportunity because he opened a channel on Twitch, gaining more than three million followers and dabbled in new video games.

Over the years, Benjy has generated less income, since at the age of 15 he was getting close to $400,000 and at 18 he only got $1,500 in prizes. So far, his total winnings are $570,256. Some say this is because the young man decided to resume his studies online and is now focused on a brighter future.

Source: Okchicas

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