He lost his taste in coronavirus and ate a whole hot pepper to see if he would feel anything.

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One of the most common symptoms of the disease from coronavirus is the loss taste and smell. If we stop understanding what we eat and what we smell then it is a strong indication that we should do a covid test because we are probably stuck.

England national rugby team star Joe Marler still seems to be experiencing a positive coronavirus test and has thought of testing his taste buds by eating a hot raw pepper. Whole!

The bold test with the hilarious result

Loss of taste is one of the most common symptoms of Covid-19 and Marler tried to put himself to a perhaps silly, but certainly, daring test.

Starting his short video, which was posted on his Instagram account and wrote “[email protected]@@ you Covid! “, 31-year-old Marler admitted that he was” nervous “.

Speaking to his wife, Daisy, who was off-camera, he added: “Do you think I should do this or not? What is the point? What do I have to lose? This (Covid) does not only affect the taste, right?

Marler decided to go ahead, not just biting a small piece of fiery chili but eating it whole. When it soon became apparent that with the hot peppers all he could do was bother and listen to his wife laughing out loud at how the whole plan ended.

After a few seconds the player said: “I can not taste it. But I feel the heat! “

Then, with a sharp movement, Marler ran to the refrigerator.

While he was out of the plan, he shouted “hell!” and admitted that he felt like he was on fire. He added: “I can feel the burning, but I can not taste it!”.

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