He made a replica of The Flying Dutchman from Pirates of the Caribbean

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A modeler has achieved an incredible feat and created an exact replica of his ‘Flying Dutchman’ ship by David Jones from “Pirates of the Carribean».

Specifically, Miguel Ángel Blanch of “Modelismo Naval para Todos” spent ten months and worked about 280 to 300 hoursin order to craft the exact replica of one of the most iconic ships in cinema.

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So, as the Athens News Agency reports, since the ship in the film is a work of fiction, Blanch was obliged to base his designs on a real ship – he chose the Vasa – and then adapt them to the Flying Dutchman. ».

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He gathered his materials, including plywood and electronics to give light and sound to the boat. The electronic components were placed inside the original structure of the ship, and then the modeler began to “build” around it, adding strips of plywood to the frame.

Also, to carve the impressive series of faces around the gun hatches on the sides of the ship, after experimenting with different materials – resin, clay, fimo (polymer clay) – Blanch settled on papier mache. After placing them, gave the model several thin coats of paint to achieve a ghostly green-blue color. The most complicated stage of the construction was the carving of the stern as it included a small sculpture of sea serpents, of various shapes and sizes, devouring people. Towards the end, the construction of the ragged sails. And finally, placing the model on a base with foamy waves.

Source: News Beast

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