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He paid to be buried on the Moon, to be cloned in the future like Star Wars

A man wishes to be buried in Moon when he dies and paid company that carries out such funeralsas he dreams at some point to clone his DNA.

The 86-year-old retired physics professor Ken Ohm from Kansas, contact her Celestis, which specializes in sending Earth debris and ash to the Moon. The prices start at 2,495 dollars and can reach 13,000at the moment when average funeral in New York it costs $10,000.

Speaking to New York Timeshe mentioned that “I live with uncertainty” and how he hopes one day one of the descendants will “look up at the sky and think that old Ken is up there”.

However, he stated that the his real vanity is to his DNA continues to existsince he dreams of innumerable clones of him being created in the future.

Retired physics professor Ken Ohm:

I would like to clone thousands of versions of myselfmaybe even millions, as with the clones in Star Wars“, he characteristically said.

He also emphasized that his DNA could contribute to studies, especially if an intergalactic zoo is created in the future. In this hypothetical scenario, he would like to have a clone of him in a cage to be studied by the future overlords.

Source: News Beast

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