He planned a Thanksgiving dinner for weeks and none of his friends attended

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We are still living in very difficult times and we must continue to take care of ourselves. However, a courtesy call doesn’t take away our bravery, does it? At least that was what this girl expected from her friends.

It turns out that Christian Zamora shared a video on TikTok in which he explained that his girlfriend, Maryann, tried too hard to make a Thanksgiving dinner for all of her friends, but no one attended and they didn’t even bother to text or call her. to apologize.

For two weeks, Maryann planned the event, decorated her entire basement and prepared a big dinner to give thanks that both she and her friends were healthy and had survived the covid-19. In addition, she wanted the Christmas season to start in a great way and with a lot of togetherness, but her friends did not think the same, because they left her standing.

According to Christian, no one dared to send a message or make a call to apologize. She was hoping that someone would come and enjoy what she had prepared, but they did not and, in the end, she ended up crying inconsolably.

Girl sitting at table waiting for Thanksgiving dinner

My girlfriend was so excited for her first Thanksgiving, but no one showed up. She decorated the entire basement and cooked a lot of food.

In the video, Christian took a tour of the room to show the large table full of food and the empty silverware. There you could also see the girl sitting completely alone and holding back tears.

I am so sad for her. I keep trying to cheer her up, but nothing works.

In another clip he also revealed that Maryann’s friends had confirmed their attendance, but when the day came, they simply stopped responding to messages.

My little girl and her friends decided to organize a Friends Action Day two weeks in advance, they planned it two weeks!

Girl sitting at table waiting for Thanksgiving dinner

Everything was ready: the date, the time and the food. Everyone was going to go, but the day came and no one answered the group chat. Not one person was texting or calling, but in her mind, she thought they were going to be late. After three hours, he accepted that no one would attend.

Fortunately, her boyfriend invited his friends to fill in the empty spots at the table. They were kind enough to attend, some even brought desserts or drinks to celebrate with her. In the end, his day had a happy ending, but this story leaves us with a great lesson: If you do not want to attend an event, it is not necessary to excite anyone and if at the end you have an unforeseen event, the most polite thing to do is make a call or send a warning message, so the other person will not be disappointed in your attitudes.

By the way, Maryann is no longer friends with those girls and is building new friendships.


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