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He showed the great life he lived on Instagram and he was found “gassed” in his Porsche

A young man who had caught the good one from the market cryptocurrencies and showing his wealth on the internet he was found dead in his luxury car.

Gunmen opened fire on 19-year-old Wesley Pessano Santarem, who was driving the red Porsche Boxster in a city in Brazil…

Santarem was driving his car on August 4, when he was approached by strangers and killed. Authorities found him in the driver’s seat with his white T-shirt covered in blood.

The shocking murder is not the first of its kind in Brazil, gangs are now targeting those who show the great life they lead on Instagram.

Despite his young age, Wesley had made a lot of money buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the last 3 years. And he did not miss the opportunity to show how well he lived on social media.

According to local media reports, he was going to the hairdresser that day, when he fell into the ambush of strangers. The brutal murder took place at noon in front of the astonished eyes of the suburbs.

They approached him in a van and gassed him in his luxury car. Police said they received four bullets, one in the head.

A friend of his, sitting in the passenger seat, was also injured in the attack.

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