He Spent 30 Years Wanting To Be His Wife – Coming Out As Trans After Her Death

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A trans woman said she spent decades “trapped”, wanting to become a woman and only succeeded after her husband’s untimely death. 57-year-old Cherylin Hall was born male in England and knew early on that she was in the wrong body. The confused young man – then known as Tony – went on to live as man and even married a woman named Therese in the late 1980s. The couple were married for 30 years.

Therese’s death in 2019 prompted Hall to finally come to terms with her real her identity. “Therese was only 54 when she died and I thought life was too short,” Hall said in an interview with PA Real Life. “I just had to take the wheel, it was my moment to find it,” he said. The photos show that Hall – who is now expected to undergo gender confirmation surgery – looks a lot like her wife and has similar blonde hair.

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“Whenever I’m out, I see couples pushing each other and they laugh and I can imagine what they are saying,” he stated sadly. “But I just have to be me, and I have to put on this brave face and pretend that everything is okay.”

Source: News Beast

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