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He stabbed his adoptive parents to death, avoiding life imprisonment on a legal technicality

He killed both adoptive parents, and that was it sentenced to 20 years: for Osvaldo Mainenti Turazza, the 55-year-old from Verona who on 24 April 2023, in Verona, massacred 73-year-old Wilma Vezzaro and her husband Giampaolo Turazza, 75, in their home, stabbing them to death with a kitchen knife after dinner, one cannot predict the life imprisonment as the maximum sentence. The reason? He was adopted when he was already an adult. For this technicality, Osvaldo Mainenti Turazza was able not only to avoid life imprisonment, but also to ask for and obtain shortened procedure which granted him a one-third discount on the final punishment.

However, Osvaldo Mainenti Turazza, defended by the lawyer Mauro Ferrari, was denied the request for a summary conditional on a psychiatric evaluation, which should have ascertained whether that evening the 55-year-old, under the influence of drugs, had a reduced capacity of understanding and will. The prosecutor asked for a 30-year prison sentence, the maximum possible, but the one-third discount due to the short sentence automatically reduced the sentence.

The man killed the two pensioners with eight stab wounds, who had had no natural children e they had adopted him when he was 30 to try to save him from his drug problems and precariousness. That evening, the mother had opposed yet another demand for moneycausing the adopted son to go “beside himself with anger”.

The only relative she was the granddaughter Valentina was a civil party, had presented a request for compensation of one million euros “for the enormous loss suffered”, but will have to seek compensation in civil court. According to his lawyer, Giacomo Piazzi, however, the legal “quibble” should be reconsidered: “The focal point is to discriminate the adoption situation according to whether it occurs at a minor or an adult. In the first case the expected sentence is life imprisonment; in the second case the sentence is from 24 to 30 years. The introduction of the aggravating circumstance with a life sentence was introduced with the “red code” legislation of July 2019. Well, doubts of constitutionality arise about this legislation where it discriminates the punishment only on the fact that the adoption takes place when the subject is a minor and an adult. Indeed, the conduct of the adult adoptee appears even more serious, as he expressed his desire to have those as adoptive parents. Their murder should be punished with life imprisonment.”

For the first time, Osvaldo Mainenti Turazza released a statement on the murder: «I want to say that I am sorry for what I did, I'm sick now. I also lost my parents. I will accept whatever punishment is inflicted on me.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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