He teaches his son to cook so that he can serve his future wife well

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Regardless of whether we are men or women, one of the things that as a responsible adult we must have is at least some notion of how some dishes or certain basic things in the kitchen are made, even if it is essential to avoid starving.

However, there are certain cultures and customs that, regardless of the person’s gender, must learn certain household activities so that they can consent and support their partners when they decide to form a home. As demonstrated by a young Hindu who went viral for sharing how his mother taught him to cook for his future wife.

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Is about Madhur Singha video blogger from Goa, India, known as “The poster boy”, who through a recording on his social networks, shared with his followers a couple of moments with his mother teaching him how to cook the recipe for a dish and even tortillas, all for the purpose of learning to spoil his future wife.

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Under a text in which he assures that his mother teaches him to cook so that he spoils his future wife with a delicious meal and encouraging other men to do the same, Madhur revealed that food is the second way in which a man can make a woman happy, leaving the unknown and hoping that all men know what the first is.

Ladies, find yourself a man who can cook a delicious dinner for you when you come home from work on a Monday night.

And men, learn to cook, it’s the second easiest way to make a woman happy (I hope you all know about the first one by now).

Madhur’s publication did not take long to generate interest from users of the social network, who did not take long to react and comment on her video, praising the great gesture of the mother for changing the prejudices that exist around the fact that it is only the woman who should take care of it. of housework, as well as to applaud the man for his intention to learn, since every responsible adult should know it not to get married, but as survival knowledge.

Photograph of a Hindu boy accompanied by his parents sitting on a stone

Among the most popular comments in his publication were those of men who say that the first way to make a woman happy is to accept that wives are always right, while many others wrote that it was good for her to learn to cook so that she would appreciate what that many women housewives do.

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