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He tripled the Airbnb price because he found out that the guest is going to a concert nearby

A row has broken out with an owner Airbnbwho is accused of tripling her price of the property, because he found out that the visitor made a reservation to go to concert which will take place close to home.

THE Ariel Stewart in a video he posted on TikTok he says he did reservation for October 26-28 next year in new orleans, because Taylor Swift will perform at the Superdome. But when he contacted the host for the final details, he revealed the reason for the visit and that’s when the problems started.

It sent a message saying that the price was not set correctly and how he needed to raise more funds, while suggesting an alternative location quite far from the concert,” the woman said, according to Insider and added that “the extra cost is 2400 plus taxes and fees for two nights».

I reject the price change at a more expensive price and I refuse to transfer the reservation me to another location. After speaking with Airbnb, you can choose to cancel me but it will punish you and will rule out booking those dates in the future,” the woman replied to the host.

He then informed her that she could not stay in the house and that if she visited the area, he would not give her the keys, while he continued to press her, commenting on her personal life.

“We try to we are as cordial as possible. Just letting you know that since you do not accept it, we will not host you at this location at this price… Not to cancel though, we assume that you don’t have many friends to talk to, so you want to occupy yourself“, the host wrote in a message.

Finally, the Ariel Stewart contacted Airbnbwith the company to state that the woman must not make any cancellations and that she must pay the original price of the reservation. Otherwise, the host will have to cancel, but at the same time take responsibility for the penalties that will be imposed.

Source: News Beast

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