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Head of the largest militia in Rio de Janeiro is arrested after Civil Police action

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro arrested the militiaman known as Pipito on Friday (7), claiming to be the leader of the largest militia in Rio de Janeiro.

He was also considered militiaman Zinho’s right-hand man in the criminal hierarchy and the most wanted in the state.

Pipito’s arrest took place in the West Zone of the city, during an action by agents from the Police Station for the Repression of Organized Criminal Actions (DRACO) and the Undersecretary of Intelligence of the Civil Police, who went to the Rodo favela, in the Santa Cruz neighborhood.

According to the police, the militia member named Rui Paulo Gonçalves Estevão, named Rui Paulo Gonçalves Estevão, was shot during the action and taken to a hospital in the region.

The governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro, highlighted the arrest on social media: “At the time of arrest, the criminal attacked the agents. There was a confrontation and he was shot. The message is given: we will continue to fight crime relentlessly, be it militia, drug trafficking or any mafia group.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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