Health surveillance recommends cancellation of New Year’s Eve in São Paulo

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A study commissioned by the City of São Paulo and carried out by the health surveillance team recommended that the capital of São Paulo cancel New Year’s Eve and maintain the mandatory use of masks.

The study was sent to CNN by the municipal secretary of Health, Edson Aparecido.

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The expectation is that the mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes, who is in New York, in the United States, with Governor João Doria, will comment on the study at 9:15 am, local time (11:15 am, Brasília time).

“Due to the new variant, I transferred the study to Mayor Ricardo Nunes. The mayor should speak this morning, in New York, officially announcing what the surveillance has recommended”, said the secretary.

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The expectation is that this Surveillance study would be released next Sunday, the 5th, but it was anticipated by the authorities.

The analysis of the epidemiological situation carried out by the Health Surveillance Coordination (COVISA), of the Municipal Health Department (SMS) of São Paulo, points out that it is still unclear whether the new variant of the Ômicron coronavirus is more transmissible, or whether it causes Covid- 19 more serious. But it does indicate that “preliminary evidence” suggests an increased risk of reinfection.

The study recommends “strengthening genomic surveillance to identify the circulation of new variants”. Surveillance also calls for non-essential travel to be avoided, particularly to locations where the new variant has significant incidence.

“Epidemiological indicators and assistance remain stable, however, considering the new fact – emergence of the Ômicron variant -, […] already diagnosed on several continents and confirmed cases in this capital of São Paulo, at this time we recommend: keeping the use of masks mandatory; intensify the population’s immunization process”, concludes the study.

Anticipation of booster dose

Secretary Edson Aparecido informed the CNN that the capital asked Anvisa to reduce the interval for applying the booster dose to 4 months.

In an official letter sent to the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, the president of Anvisa, Antonio Barra Torres, and the state secretary of Health, Jean Gorinchteyn, the City of São Paulo requests the “anticipation of the booster dose for people over 18 years old , with a complete vaccination schedule for at least 4 months”.

The document is signed by the municipal secretary of Health and the coordinator of COVISA, Luiz Artur Vieira Caldeira.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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