«Heart in The Sky», the charity dinner in favor of the IEO-Monzino Foundation

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It was held in Turin, at the house of Patrizia Re Rebaudengo, National President of the IEO-MONZINO Foundation, and her husband Agostino Re Rebaudengo, Heart in the Sky, the charity dinner in favor of IEO-MONZINO Foundation in support of the Monzino Cardiology Center.

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo accompanied by the President of the Turin Delegation Francesca Sette, wanted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Monzino with numerous guests, the only single-specialist Cardiology Institute of Hospitalization and Care in Italy.

«Among the objectives of the IEO-MONZINO Foundation is the desire to bring attention back to the importance of prevention and support for scientific research. I was happy to be able to make my home available to raise funds through the Charity Dinner Heart in the Sky: supporting research in prevention and treatment of an Italian excellence such as the Monzino Cardiology Center is an investment for everyone’s future “, underlines Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, President of the IEO-MONZINO Foundation.

The hostess welcomed, together with the Prof. Giulio Pompilio (Scientific Director Monzino), the Prof. Piergiuseppe Agostoni and Prof. Antonio Bartorelli various personalities including the astronaut Maurizio Cheli, Dr Massimo Faraò (Audi Italia), the notary Andrea Ganelli, director of the IEO-MONZINO Foundation, Fabrizio Giugiaro, the gallerist Franco Noero, Davide Mazzoleni, the President of the CRT Foundation Giovanni Quaglia and the General Secretary of the CRT Massimo Lapucci, Prof. Toti Musumeci, Sandra Vezza, Alfredo Poletti, Carlo Giacone, Davide Actis, Paolo Damilano, Vanni Pavesio, hair stylist Franco Curletto and Mendy Capritto.

Also present was the Turin delegation of the IEO-MONZINO Foundation composed of: Paola Damilano, Giuseppina Pippione, Federica Bucci, Manuela Brunetti, Jessica Giugiaro, Margherita Pistone, Federica Poletti, Giulia Tosetti, Barbara Valle, Fulvia Vietti. The godmother of the evening was Maria Vittoria Paolillo.

The staff of the starred restaurant Spazio 7 by Emilio Re Rebaudengo, led by the chef, will take care of the dinner Alessandro Mecca.

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