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Heart rate measurement 1.2.1

Heart rate measurement 1.2.1

Heart rate measurement is an application that allows you to easily measure your heart rate using your smartphone. It can measure heart rate with medical device-level accuracy, so it can be used in a wide variety of situations.

This is a highly accurate heart rate measurement application that you need to install on your smartphone.

Please use this free heart rate app to manage your health daily.

Free heart rate apps are also useful for aerobic exercise in fitness and diet.

Use cases for the heart rate app

  • Daily health care
  • Fitness
  • Diet

Allowing the Heart Rate App

The following permission is required to use the app. We never use these permissions for any purpose other than those specified. So please use it at your ease.

  • Camera – Measure your heart rate from the camera image.

Heart Rate App Security

The application is released after a security check with 6 antivirus programs from different vendors for each update.

Disclaimer for Using the Heart Rate App

  • This application is not a medical device.
  • Do not use this app for medical purposes such as diagnosing heart disease.
  • This application may cause the LED flash to overheat on some devices.

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