Heartbreak level: Young Romeo crosses illegal borders to see his girlfriend and she ends him

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According to Hercules, one does crazy things for love. Actually the demigod was not wrong, because there are all kinds of very strange stories of people who have gone very far for their loved one. As is the case with Miles Routledge, the well-known influencers who became famous for being trapped in Afghanistan during the events of the Taliban offensive in 2021 and reporting the dangerous situation he found himself in, through platforms such as 4chan and Twitch.

One would think that after experiencing a situation as dangerous as the one the young Briton experienced, there would be nothing that could devastate him more. However, despite all those journeys and trips through war-torn countries, the young man was met with a disappointment in love (dramatic music).

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Miles Routledge posing in military uniform

According to him Daily Star, Miles crossed several illegal borders for ten days to see his girlfriend, which for someone like him must be normal, but this time his purpose was different and therefore his adventure took on new meaning. Even so, despite his great determination, his romantic gesture was not so well received, because, according to what he confessed in his account of Twitterhis partner cut him off on the phone.

My girlfriend broke up with me. Guys, I need a few days. The worst thing was that this ten-day trip involved crossing several borders illegally to see her, so she wouldn’t have to come see me. It’s going to be a long night, guys. I can’t believe it was also because of a phone call.

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Miles Routledge posing with a turban on his head

Routledge would not state where he was headed, only commenting that he was in a long-distance relationship, which led him to endure merciless winds, hellish deserts, climb to the last damn room of the highest damn tower to find his beloved already did not return his love.

Either way, he too youtuber He commented that he was already much better after the sad experience, he even dared to share that the right one will come into his life, with whom he hopes to have the opportunity to start a family. So it seems that she has already left that bad love behind and is visualizing all the possibilities that her future offers her, such as entering the gym to transform her body.

Miles Routledge posing in Kabul

I see everything clear and I must move forward. There will be others and I will be a father. Adventure has made me a man. I need to get huge in the gym and improve myself in every possible way.

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