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Heat: in Rio, the thermal sensation again exceeds 50 degrees

The thermal sensation in the city of Rio de Janeiro again exceeded 50 degrees this Thursday morning (16) amid the heat wave that is affecting much of Brazil.

In Guaratiba, in the west zone, the sensation reached 50.6 degrees at around 10:40 am. At that time, the neighborhood weather station read 41.4°C.

Day after day, the neighborhood has recorded extreme thermal sensations, including a record 58.5°C last Tuesday. On the holiday of November 15th, Wednesday, the thermal sensation reached 55.6°C at 11:05 am.

The forecast from the Rio Alert System, from Rio de Janeiro City Hall, was that the maximum temperature in the city should reach 41°C this Thursday, with air humidity between 21% and 30%. This temperature, however, had already been exceeded in Guaratiba before 11 am.

The sky will vary between partly cloudy and clear, and no rain is expected. Winds will be light to moderate (up to 51.9 km/h).

The intense heat wave that mainly affects the Central-West and Southeast of the country is influenced by the El Niño phenomenon, which is occurring particularly intensely this year.

Source: CNN Brasil

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