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Heat wave will go away on the 19th, but temperatures should remain above average, says meteorologist

A CNN, Climatempo meteorologist Guilherme Borges explained that the heat wave should end next Sunday (19), but temperatures should remain slightly above average in several regions of Brazil.

Borges explained that this heat wave is the result of climate change on the planet together with the action of the El Niño phenomenon, which warms the water in the oceans.

“Climate change is no longer news to everyone,” he said. “These temperatures we are seeing today are nothing new, meteorologists were already predicting this.”

Borges also cited the summer with extreme temperatures in the northern hemisphere, in the United States, Europe and elsewhere.

“From 2010 onwards, these extreme events became more evident, both rain and heat,” said Borges. “If we are unable to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, the global average temperature will rise to the threshold of 1.5 °C and these events will become increasingly common.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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