Heavy snow and cold wreak havoc in Japan: Transport problems and one dead so far

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Panic prevails in Japan due to severe snowfalls and intense cold. Many parts of the country have been covered in snow, causing travel problems across the country and many flights being cancelled, while at least one person has lost their life.

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The unusual cold wave and an extremely low barometric system have been causing heavy snowfall and strong winds throughout the country since yesterday, Tuesday (24/1).

Snowfall has been particularly heavy in coastal areas washed by the Sea of ​​Japan, with the city of Maniwa in the western part of the country recording a record 93cm of snow in 24 hours.

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One person died in the storm, while the causes of death of two more people are being investigated as to whether they are linked to the bad weather, government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno said.

Domestic airlines, including ANA and Japan Airlines, canceled more than 300 flights, while train services in northern Japan were also canceled or delayed.

Cars and trucks trapped in snow

On a highway in the central part of the country, cars and trucks were stuck in the snow, forming a queue of more than 10 kilometers, state broadcaster NHK reported. About 3,000 people were stranded at two train stations in the city of Kyoto as strong winds and snow suspended services yesterday, with some passengers forced to sleep on the floor of the central station. city’s. Others were stuck for hours on at least 15 trains between stations from late yesterday to early this morning, with some choosing to get off the train and walk through the snow to get to a station.

A Hong Kong-flagged merchant ship sank early this morning between western Japan and South Korea’s Jeju Island due to strong winds and storms. Thirteen of the 22 crew members have been rescued, while the search for the rest continues. The bad weather is expected to continue tomorrow Thursday.

Source: News Beast

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