Hellenic Development Bank: Prepares innovative ‘Know your Customer’ platform, link between companies and banks

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The new innovative financial tools prepared by the Hellenic Development Bank were mentioned by the president of Athena Hadjipetrou at yesterday’s board of directors of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEP).

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In particular, according to an announcement by the chamber, the president and CEO of the bank referred to its contribution to the Greek economy, having granted, as he said, from 2020 to date, more than 39,000 loans worth more than 8.4 billion euros. In addition, during the pandemic, EAT, through its activity in lending programs in Greece in 2020, supported companies that employ a total of 237,800 employees. The total contribution in terms of GDP was 6.2 billion euros. This means, as he noted, that every 1 euro of funding contributes to the total GDP of the country with 2 euros extra.

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In order to continuously support businesses, E.A.T. prepares an innovative proposal for Greek data, a single platform Know your Customer (KYC), which will act as a link between companies and banks. It will offer the opportunity to companies that want to be funded, to submit data and documents that will certify their eligibility and awareness, as well as their business plan.

In addition, for the first time in Greece, a Greek financial institution, HDB, has created its own global networking community, called “InnoAgora” powered by HDB, reaching 400 members in a few months, on the internationally renowned EuroQuity platform, which has about 22,100 members. The goal is to create a specialized network of investors and entrepreneurs, which offers the opportunity for Greek innovative companies to find financing and knowledge opportunities. Through InnoAgora, HDB builds a long-term relationship with investors and entrepreneurs by providing non-financial support through free liaison services, training seminars and e-pitchingsessions.

Also, during the meeting of the Board of the chamber, the energy costs and the solution 3A in the energy crisis proposed by EBEP were examined.

The president of the chamber, Vassilis Korkidis, referred to the “3A” solution, which will be proposed by the chamber to the government and the competent Ministry of Environment and Energy (RIS), which is in line with the “solar strategy” of the EU. Proposal approved unanimously The Board of Directors, with Mr. Korkidis, referring to the “Solar Strategy”, to point out that the full potential of solar energy should be utilized, in order to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the European Green Agreement.

More specifically, the “3 A” proposal, ie “Self-Production, Storage, Self-consumption”, for households and businesses, can be implemented with a subsidy through the green transition funds, utilizing all available financial tools related to the effort to reduce the environmental footprint, but also financing the installation and storage infrastructure, which is the most expensive part of a 3A investment, through the GreenPortofolioGuarantee Fund. The product funds can be raised from the Public Investment Program and the loan funds, concluded by the Greek State with the EIB, for the purpose of their assignment to EAT. In addition, ESCOs, which will offer the study and the necessary equipment to households and businesses, can be funded.

30-50% tax exemptions for 9 years in all new companies

The meeting also dealt with the tax bill of mergers and transformation of enterprises, “moving in the right direction” as formalized. In fact, EBEP proposes to give tax exemptions at a rate of 30-50% for a period of 9 years to all new companies that will be created in our country and will result from the merger, both between Greek and Greek and European companies. That is, to give incentives to European companies to come to our country and cooperate with Greek ones, in order to bring the funds and part of their turnover, for which the corresponding reduced taxes will be attributed to the Greek state. In this case, there may be scales of reduction, but also clauses, depending on the amount of new investment, but also the creation of new jobs.

Also, the progress of the creation of a 5S platform of Economic Geography of maritime activities was examined and the successful organization of Famagusta Business Forum was reviewed, thanks to which the basis of cooperation of Greek and Cypriot companies was created in many fields of the economy, but also the common goals were set. seek to jointly succeed Piraeus and Famagusta EBE in the future.

Source: Capital

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