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Hellenic Petroleum Group contributes significantly to the rehabilitation of fire-affected areas

(From left to right) Mr. Giannis Papathanassiou Chairman of the Board of Directors of HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, Mr. Costas Skrekas Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Evangelos Goudoufas Head of General Directorate of Forests and Forestry Konstantos.

The critical anti-corrosion projects for the shielding of the burned area and the regeneration of the natural environment in Varybobi, Attica, which were undertaken and implemented by the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, were handed over by the Chairman of the Board Mr. Giannis Papathanakos Enavalos K. , during a short event that took place today in the fire-affected area.

The largest energy group in the country, responding to the invitation of the State and the needs of society, undertook with a budget of 3 million euros the implementation of extremely important anti-corrosion projects, through the institution of the Contractor for Rehabilitation and Reforestation. Specifically, it successfully completed the projects in Attica in an area of ​​3,197.40 acres, within the national park of Varybombi and is expected to deliver in the near future the corresponding projects in Schino, Corinth in the Geraneia Ori, in an area of ​​17,214 acres, part of which is located in a NATURA 2000 protected area.

The works in Varybobi, which extend from the north side of the former Royal Palaces, including the center of Varybobi, to Kato Varybobi, were carried out based on a study by the Attica Reforestation Directorate and are 100% ecological, with construction materials exclusively from burned trees of the area.

It is worth noting that the anti-corrosion works in Varybobi, Attica, include:
-233,486 current logs, with the placement and fixing of logs along the gradient curves, according to the terrain on the slopes of the torrent basins.

-20,913 current meters of twigs, with the collection, placement, compression and fastening of the branches on the slopes of the torrent basins.

-1,503 square meters of log dams, with the construction and installation of wooden dams from logs, inside the beds of secondary and tertiary torrents, which contribute to large streams, to retain the carried materials.

For their completion, special teams participated, consisting of experienced professionals and scientists, while every day for over 3 months, an average of 75 people were in the field, recording over 30,000 man-hours.

The projects in Schino, Corinth, which are in the final phase of completion, are being implemented based on a study prepared by the Corinth Forest Directorate. It is also about 100% ecological interventions, with the construction materials coming exclusively from the burned trees of the area.

The anti-erosion projects were implemented with the aim of retaining valuable forest soils, preventing erosion and limiting the descent of sediments, in order to enhance and assist the natural regeneration of the forest and to protect the areas, as far as possible, from intense floods.

During the handover of the anti-corrosion works in the area of ​​Varybombi, sponsored by the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Costas Skrekas stated: Last summer, we made a huge national effort, which brings results, for the immediate reconstruction of the fire-affected areas. The government is responding urgently to the urgent need to adapt forest ecosystems to the effects of the climate crisis and to regenerate and protect our natural resources to the best of our ability. d “Preserve our forests, which are our natural heritage, and pass them on to future generations.”

On his part, the Chairman of the Board of HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, Mr. Giannis Papathanassiou, noted: “Over time, the Hellenic Petroleum Group responds with sensitivity to the needs of the societies in which it operates. To help curb the effects of the climate crisis, we have implemented these critical anti-erosion projects to accelerate the natural regeneration of burned forest areas. “And this is not a promise. We consider it our moral responsibility and duty to contribute to the sustainable future of our country.”

Source: Capital

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