Help her ex-boyfriend as a bridesmaid at his gay marriage

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For any couple, their wedding celebration is one of the most important moments they will have. That is why they carefully select the people who will accompany them on that special day.

Such was the case with Jake Deyton, who went viral when he told how his ex-girlfriend became his bridesmaid at his wedding. The fact has divided the internet between those who dismiss the act as hypocrisy and those who applaud those involved for demonstrating what true love is, the one who only wants to see the other happy even from a distance.

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The video shared by Jake on TikTok already has more than 300,000 views and it shows a compilation of “non-traditional” things he did at his wedding. The first and most striking is that his ex-girlfriend was his bridesmaid.

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If the fact that his ex was at his wedding is already scandalous, it was even more so when Jake revealed that their union was about marriage equality, that is, that the love of his life is a man.

The situation has generated all kinds of comments, from those who believe that everything is a farce to get likes even those who applaud the respect, admiration, trust and love that exists between Jake, his ex-girlfriend and her husband, because not every couple is capable of coping with such an act.

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