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Hen party: 24 essential gadgets and accessories

When a wedding announcement arrives, the friends of the bride they know, in addition to thinking about the gift to give, it’s time to find the accessories and gadgets for her hen party fun, carefree and damn chic. The right opportunity to make a friend happy, but also to share good moments (and not only that) girls only between chatter, music and confidences. And to do so, witnesses and friends of the future bride are called upon to look for the best ideas for an unforgettable hen party, where ad hoc gadgets and accessories cannot be missing.

Fundamental to making this party unique and unforgettable, they have the power to transform future bride and guests bride teamthe one that is created precisely on the occasion of the hen party, but which has all the chance to continue to exist even after. In fact, new friendships can start from here, born on the wave of female complicity to be celebrated between flashy outfits, drinks and surprises. But before we get down to shopping, here are some rules to avoid screwing up.

Accessories for hen parties: the guidelines

The choice of accessories for the hen party is usually up to witnessesin charge of gathering together all the bride’s friends, but also of organizing a noteworthy party in her honor that knows get everyone to agree. And here we come to the sore points: how do you find accessories that appeal to the whole group and that amaze the bride to be? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.

1. Be careful not to fall into clichés

Since it became fashionable to organize hen parties, some accessories have established themselves as real musts, with the inevitable effect of to bore a bit’. The flower crowns for example, they are very cute, but you will see them worn by all the other groups of team brides that you may encounter during your raids. Furthermore, if not combined with the right look, they risk clashing a bit. Better do a little research: originality rewards always (and in this regard, we help you).

2. Measure out the kitsch

Yes, it’s true, it’s the right time to joke and have fun together, but forcing the future bride to wander around clubs, restaurants or holiday destinations with an outfit consisting of a headband, wig and feathered boa is a bit much. L’carnival effect is likely to entertain you more than her. Better to opt for something more portable that you will keep with pleasure.

3. Do team building

In this event there will be no series A or series B friends, near or distant relatives. Foresee the same accessories for all the bride’s friends is essential to recreate the right atmosphere. The witnesses will have their place of honor during the ceremony and reception, the hen party is not the right opportunity to highlight this.

The accessories to wear

Hen party 24 essential gadgets and accessories

A recognizable sign which will make the photos very funny, but also a way to laugh about it, create a special moment and, why not, start some gags. Yes, because thanks to the right hen party accessories, bride and friends they will not go unnoticed and the tour between clubs and beaches will be anything but sober, as tradition dictates.

Green light then for fun and bright enough headbands shine like true queens, but also themed t-shirts, to be worn perhaps tied at the waist when it’s aperitif time. They cannot be missing either sunglasses to ride a bit of stardom all together, preferably in version vintage, but also some extras dedicated exclusively to the future bride such as the classic veil or a rhinestone necklace that is very 90s, obviously branded bride.

Solpure, Bride Headband

For the bride

Luxshiny, 3 Team Bride headbands

For friends

Amazon, The Bride T-Shirt

For the bride

Amazon, Team Bride T-shirt

Long Keeper, Heart-Shaped Glasses with Rhinestones

For the bride

Dwenarry, 90s glasses set

For friends

Mikovivi, Bride Necklace

For the bride

Tslrsa, Bridal Veil

For the bride

For the party

Hen party 24 essential gadgets and accessories

A successful hen party is a party that is a bit like the bride and that meets her tastes, but regardless of the theme and the proceedings, it is the right opportunity to show off some details that will leave you breathless. To avoid trivializing the event, it is better to focus on mix and match dosing well the classics dedicated to hen parties with more chic details.

Yes then to the classic garland bride to be under which you will take unforgettable photos, but also to tissue paper pom poms to be placed on the party table for a romantic and irresistibly fashionable touch. Super classic, but inevitable, the paper masks photo boothbut also the classic drink party glasses to wear like a necklace which will make the mission of starting and ending the evening with your own glass simple and will allow you to always have a sip of your favorite drink within reach. Also irresistible temporary tattoo themed, obviously to be chosen in version golden and to be applied at the beginning of the party to get into the right spirit. And to finish on a high note, the flying lanterns to light and throw in the dark of the night to express your most secret desires together.

Ginger Ray, Bride to Be Wreath

Nicrolandee, tissue paper ponpon

Burgeon, Photo accessories

Livestn, Hen Party Glasses

ZesNice, Hen party tattoos

Vaiieyo, Flying Lanterns

Fun accessories

In addition to the outfit and accessories for the party, when organizing a hen party it can be nice to think of some ideal accessories to get the party off to the right start. After all, it’s the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself a little, to indulge in a special moment and give the bride a truly top event.

To toast the bride in style, you can opt for example pre-mixed cocktails to choose from a box of assorted proposals and serve in easy but stylish glasses like these with the flamingo. And if you opt for a party at home, there can be room for a little too skin care collective with fabric masks and fun headbands. Among the perfect accessories for the hen party, there are also irreverent board games and spicy, as well as special greeting cardsdesigned precisely so that the bride team can leave the bride with a memory to cherish.

Nio Cocktails, Tasting of 10 Mixed Drinks

Flying Tiger, Glass with flamingo

BeautyKei, Set of 5 fabric masks

Coyanyu, skincare kit

Yas Games, For the Girls

Naizaya, Advice and greeting cards

Source: Vanity Fair

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