Here are the most accessible cities for smart workers

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Are you a smart worker looking for your paradise? You will find it at Melbourne, world queen city of smart working, which ranks first in the ranking drawn up by WorkMotion, a remote worker placement company, which used open source data to identify the most accessible and attractive cities in the world for remote workers. According to the study, the Australian metropolis stands out on a total of 80 cities which offer the best conditions to digital nomads thanks to a score that takes into account four factors: “Compliance with remote work”, “cost of living”, “civic infrastructure” and “liveability”, each divided by additional items.

How the score was calculated

The first topic that WorkMotion considered was the compliance, both for companies that hire remote workers, and for employees who wish to relocate. To do this, it was assessed how easy it is for companies to comply with labor laws in each city, the legal requirements for remote work, and whether each location offers a remote work visa.

The cost of living, to reflect that financial factors often influence a city’s attractiveness for relocation. For this, the study combined tax rates, the cost and availability of housing, and the cost of daily living. The civic infrastructure of each city was then considered. This involved assessing the levels of gender equality and political stability in each city. Furthermore, the quality of the public education system and citizens’ access to health care have been identified as contributing factors to the attractiveness of a city.

Finally, the study considered the livability analyzing the level of happiness that citizens have in each city as well as the cultural attractions offered and the mobility options. The result is an index that analyzes the ease of working remotely and the attractiveness of each location for remote workers.

The Italian cities where you work best remotely

Surprisingly, the first Italian city in the ranking is not Roma, which is almost at the bottom of the table, al 66th place “Weighted” by high costs and poor infrastructure, traffic and bureaucracy. The first in the ranking of Italian cities is Bari, which is placed at 33rd place, in first place in the ranking for the accessibility of housing. In second place, before Rome, he places himself Bologna, al 56th place.

The revenge of the south

Another ranking, that of Nomad List, the online community that deals with finding – based on user reports – the best places in the world to live, work and travel for remote workers, has compiled a ranking of the 10 Italian cities preferred by those who do smart working . After analyzing 4 parameters (cost of living, Internet connection speed, entertainment and safety), the pleasure-seeker returns to the top of the ranking of Italian cities preferred by those who do smart working Bologna, where the costs are not excessive and the Internet connection is good (17 mega per second in download), in addition to entertainment and culture. At the second it is placed Bari with the lowest cost of living among the classified. Following are Genoa, Pisa, Padua, Florence, Trento, Palermo (city with the highest Internet speed of all at 22 megs), Avellino and tenth Treviso.

the partial Italian ranking of WorkMotion

The complete ranking


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