Here are the new emojis coming in 2022

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To the delight of all those who love to color their chats with emojis, theUnicode Consortium has just released the version 14.0 of the Unicode standard which provides for the addition of 848 new characters, including 37 smileys novel. In fact, after the release of over 200 emoticons that have already arrived on our devices for several months with the latest software updates, it is Emojipedia to give us a preview of what will be the new emojis that we will be able to use in a short time.

Dai red beans and the chest radiograph to the symbol of low battery or from lips biting seductively and still the empty nest or with eggs, the update will introduce a total of over 100 emoticons, considering the different skin tones.

According to what was anticipated by the source, the official debut in iOS, Android and obviously computer devices is expected within early 2022: in fact, from now on, developers will be able to use the codes released by the Consortium to transform them into symbols and smileys that we then use in WhatsApp messages or Instagram captions, for example.

Are you curious to find out what the new emojis will be? From corallo al troll, take a look at the gallery of this article to see a preview!

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