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“Here he comes, act normal”; She tried to get her crush’s attention and ended up on the floor

It has happened to all of us that we planned something and at the mere moment the opposite happens, either because we got nervous or because we wanted to look good. What’s more, you won’t deny that when your friends tell you “Act normal, here comes your crush” and you act as normal as possible.

It is not that we are contrary, but that our subconscious betrays us. Of course, for those moments we should teach our little head to do what is asked of it and not what it wants, lest in one of those things happen to us what happened to Tristan Isaiah, who for trying to capture the attention of a girl from the gym, his tactic was very embarrassing. Although, well, if we analyze it well, the girl did turn to see him.

Tristan at the gym

Tristan went viral on Tiktok when he was caught on the security camera of a gym in United States. He was training when he suddenly saw the girl he likes her and, pretending to be close to her and thus have a conversation with her, he approached the place where she was exercising.

tristan falling

However, things did not go as he planned, because when he wanted to do sit-ups in front of her, he lost his balance and fell on his back to the ground. But not everything was so bad, since seeing him with his legs up, the girl came immediately to help him and see if he was okay.

Tristán with his legs in the air

Tristan retrieved the recordings and posted them on his TikTok account, with the tongue-in-cheek caption “Just do your thing bro. What can go wrong? due to the embarrassing moment.

Being viralized, many have wondered if his failed maneuver had a result and he was able to talk with his crush, but Tristan hasn’t mentioned anything about it. You see it? Even if we make a fool of ourselves, it is possible that all is not lost.


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