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Here’s what Jennifer Garner did while her ex-husband (Ben Affleck) was getting married

While Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez they got married in secret in Las Vegasthe ex-wife of the star, Jennifer Garnerenjoyed a relaxing weekend at Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The selfie posted in her Instagram Stories shows the actress, 50, smiling blissfully against the backdrop of a breathtaking landscape. An image that clashes with the (social) commiseration of many. Many Garner fans are convinced that the wedding of the father of her three children (Violet, 16, Serafina, 13 and Samuel, 10) for their darling was at least a cause for anger. “I don’t know Jennifer Garner. I don’t know her feelings for Affleck and their divorce. But Jennifer, wherever you are please know that a random British woman is thinking of you and hoping you are living»Writes a Twitter user, for example. While another hopes that Jennifer is laughing with her friends of hers about the wedding celebrated in Las Vegas: many weddings of the stars in the “mecca of sin”, in fact, ended soon. It’s bad. The image of Garner frustrated and embittered by her ex’s “yes”, however, is only in the minds of others.

Jennifer has been married to Affleck for ten years. During the wedding he, due to alcohol addiction, he ended up in rehab three times (first in 2001 and then in 2017 and 2018). There separation arrived in 2015, on the eve of its 10th anniversary, accompanied by the most stale of Hollywood clichés: the alleged betrayal of him with their children’s nanny. The star has always denied, Jennifer has never bothered to comment on the story. In fact, she stayed with Ben even when their relationship was effectively over. And she only chose to finalize the divorce when he got sober back. The two, also for the sake of the children, remained friends. So much so that she would be delighted with the flashback between Ben and JLo. When Lopez revealed that she received a new engagement ring from Affleck, Garner let it be known that she is “Very happy for Ben and convinced that Jennifer is a positive presence” in her ex’s life.

On the other hand, also Garner, who also has a divorce from Scott Foley, has long since turned the page in matters of the heart. Since last August she has returned with John Miller, lawyer and CEO of the CaliBurger chain to which she had been linked from 2018 to 2020. The two, just like the Bennifers, were destined to find each other. And John is destined to become, according to gossip, Jennifer’s number three consort.

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