Hero without cape: Taxi driver adopts a puppy that passengers abandoned in his car

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Adopting or buying a dog is accepting a very big responsibility, a decision that you must be completely sure of and aware that it is a lifelong commitment.

However, there are people who take it lightly and when they get bored with pets, they simply abandon them to their fate or, in the best of cases, find someone who can take care of them and give them away.

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selfie of a man with a puppy

Apparently, this was the case for the owners of Toby, an adorable puppy whose owners abandoned him in the back seat of a taxi that provided them with a service.

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The sad story of the abandonment of this furry child happened in the town of Suba, in Bogotá, Colombia, where the taxi driver identified as Dagoberto Rojas Buitrago shared a couple of videos on Facebook in which he tells how it was that they left him the responsibility of the adorable loin.

screenshot of a facebook post

It turns out that on July 27, the man put a couple of passengers in his taxi to take them to get money at a shopping center known as Plaza Imperial. After waiting for them for about an hour, Dagoberto realized that they were not coming back and that they had left him a box with a small shih tzu puppy.

Understanding that the people would not return, he realized that the dog was carrying a sheet describing the care that its new owner should follow, as well as the times when he should be taken for a walk. Similarly, Dagoberto gave his telephone number so that, if necessary, the subjects could contact him.

The taxi driver recorded a video in which he shows the adorable puppy with a bib and leash, as well as a suitcase with all his belongings. In the clip, the man says that the tenderloin is already old and that it should be given a new name, since they forgot to put what it was called in the letter of recommendations.

The tender case of the puppy that was abandoned and adopted by the good-hearted taxi driver moved all users on social networks, where they soon shared the publication and filled the comments with congratulations for the man who, with all his love, gave the furry a home.

image showing a sheet with some indications

A couple of days after finding the loin, Dagoberto shared more recordings in which he is seen accompanied by Toby, the name with which he decided to address the dog, and where he said he took him to the vet to make sure he was in perfect condition. health condition. We love you man who adopted that little dog!

Source: Okchicas

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