Heroin sells cakes and feeds more than 50 stray animals with the proceeds

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Lourdes Bael, originally from Asunción, Paraguay, is uniting the internet for a noble cause. The woman became the heroine of the stray animals in her locality because she pays them for food, shelter and decent health.

She serves more than 50 little streets, among which there are dogs and cats. She owns a makeshift shelter, which was previously sustained by selling pizzas, but due to the pandemic, she had to close. When Lourdes believed that all was lost, the idea of ​​selling homemade cakes came to her mind and the result is a complete success.

According to local media, Lourdes has been a fan of dogs for as long as she can remember. But her work as a volunteer arose after a little street approached her pizzeria and she offered him food daily. As time went by, more animals appeared at the entrance of his business, so he decided to open a makeshift shelter and support it with the profits of his own business.

I did pizza promotions for balanced food, I charged 50 percent if they brought me croquettes. But the pandemic arrived and I had to close the place, fortunately I live around the corner and continued from my home. Dogs and cats, until now, continue to go to the premises that they had.

Homemade cakes;  Woman sells homemade cakes to feed 50 stray animals

Unfortunately, the sale of pizza decreased and the animals began to run out of food, so Lourdes entered the sale of homemade cakes and to advertise, she used her social networks, attracting the attention of hundreds of Internet users, who immediately made orders.

But this is not all. In addition to increasing its sales and having the necessary resources to feed the more than 50 little streets who come for food, Lourdes has received aid in kind, medicine and money to cover the corresponding expenses. There is no doubt that there are more of us good and that the narrow streets deserve a second chance.

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