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Hezbollah claimed responsibility for an attack that injured 4 Israeli soldiers

Hezbollah said today it targeted a military post in northern Israel on the border with southern Lebanon, wounding four soldiers, according to the Israeli military. Since the outbreak of war in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Hamas on October 7, there have been daily exchanges of fire between the Israeli army and Hezbollah, which says it supports the Palestinian Islamist movement. In a statement issued by Hezbollah, it states that its fighters “targeted a Merkava tank, which was coming out of the Yiftah camp, with a remote-controlled missile” and hit it head-on. The Israeli military announced that “two anti-tank rockets” fell in the area, adding that four soldiers were wounded, three of them “slightly”. It also noted that “a drone originating from Lebanon” crashed in the Zarit district of northern Israel, near the border, without reporting any casualties. Hezbollah had announced this morning that it had launched offensive drones at […]
Source: News Beast

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