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Hezbollah leader asks Lebanon to 'open sea' to Syrian refugees

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah encouraged the Lebanese authorities yesterday to “open the sea” to ships carrying refugees in order to put pressure on Europe. During a speech broadcast live on television, Mr. Nasrallah called for a “national decision” to be made and to “open the sea” to “anyone who wants to leave for Europe, for Cyprus,” the European Union country where closer to the Middle East. He hastened to add that he is not suggesting that Syrians be “forced” to “board boats” and “leave”. Lebanon, mired in an unprecedented economic crisis since 2019, host to nearly two million Syrian refugees — the highest per capita ratio in the world — has not stopped calling on the international community to see to their repatriation. Part of the Lebanese political world accuses the Syrian refugees of worsening the situation in the country and the pressure is intensifying as the annual summit on Syria approaches in Brussels (May 27). At […]
Source: News Beast

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