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Hezbollah will stop attacks on Israel if there is a ceasefire in Gaza

Hezbollah has announced that if a ceasefire is reached in Gaza, then it will stop its attacks on Israel as a sign of support for the Palestinian people. The head of the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah group, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, stressed that Hamas was negotiating on behalf of the entire “Axis of Resistance”, the alliance built with the support of Iran against Israel and US influence in the Middle East. “Hamas is negotiating on its own behalf and on behalf of the Palestinian organizations and also on behalf of the entire Axis of Resistance. What Hamas will accept, we will all accept,” Nasrallah said, at a ceremony commemorating a commander of his organization who was recently killed. He explained that if there is a cease-fire agreement in the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah will also cease fire on Lebanon’s border with Israel “without any discussion or negotiation.” At the same time, however, Nasrallah warned that his organization is ready […]
Source: News Beast

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