Hibernator 2.21.7

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Hibernator provides an easy way to stop all running apps, and as a result, it saves battery power and improves performance, and can also automatically close apps every time the screen is turned off.

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This application improves the performance of your phone

☆ Speed ​​up your phone

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☆ Free up memory

☆ Battery saving

☆ When cooling the phone

Your phone has a lot of apps running in the background that consume your system resources, and as a result, you can drain your battery and reduce available memory.


✓ Close all running applications

✓ Close background tasks and services

✓ Support for custom apps and system apps

✓ Widget

✓ Automatically close apps when screen is off

✓ Labels

Application features:

  • Task killer. Hibernator is a very powerful Task Killer that kills tasks and processes and prevents them from restarting automatically.
  • Speed ​​accelerator. Hibernator allows you to speed up your phone when it is slow due to many background apps.
  • RAM cleaner. Hibernator optimizes phone storage, freeing up RAM and freeing up space for new applications.
  • Saves battery power. Closing apps helps conserve battery power and extends battery life.
  • Cooler CPU. Closing apps helps cool your phone’s temperature and reduces CPU usage.
  • Permissions. Device Administrator Permission: Hibernator requires Device Administrator permission to be able to lock the screen after the hibernation operation completes.
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