High fuel prices make workers choose to work from home, says survey

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Research conducted by Citrix Systems, a company that develops digital workspace technology, exclusively obtained by CNN Brasil Business points out that, even with the possibility of returning to face-to-face work, 54% of Brazilian workers want to continue working at home to avoid commuting costs.

The numbers show the erosion in purchasing power caused by increases in fuel prices. With the result, Brazil appears in third position in the ranking of seven countries consulted by the survey. In total, 5,000 workers were consulted.

According to the survey, in the United States, the number is even higher, with 57% of workers who wish to continue working from home motivated by the high cost of fuel, occupying the first place on the list.

Already in the world, almost half of the workers surveyed by the survey agree that the rise in fuel prices affects their plans to return to the office.

In addition to the United States and Brazil, Australia appears in second position, also with 54%. In fourth place is Mexico (50%), followed by Colombia (49%), the United Kingdom (45%) and France (44%).

assistance with expenses

In another snippet, the survey reveals that 87% of Brazilians believe their employers should help them offset the costs of commuting to the office when they choose to increase their salaries or provide a fuel subsidy.

In this regard, the country ranks second, along with Mexico, also with 87%. Then comes France (84%), Colombia (84%), the United States (74%), Australia (68%) and the United Kingdom (65%).

Source: CNN Brasil

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