High heels, let’s dust them off on New Year’s Eve

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It anticipated the New Year 2021 trend by 13 years: it is no coincidence that we have given it the status of an immortal style icon of the small screen. In one of the most famous scenes of the film Sex & The City from 2008 Carrie Bradshaw the night between December 31st and January 1st she wears a pajama and a string of pearls, making her become immediately cool staying home alone watching an old movie in what pre-pandemic was the most evening socialite of the year.

Carrie, one of us in 2020, in short, who even goes to sleep before midnight.

But then she receives the call from Miranda, also in the company of exclusive Chinese food and a glass of wine. On the night outfit, then, wear the fur (the iconic one of the first season of the series), a stroboscopic beanie and Chanel designer ankle boots, white and pure as the snow that falls incessantly in New York and that she faces, reckless, in high heels.

A scene from the film Sex & The City 2008. Photo Getty

Following his example couture, let’s not let ourselves go to laziness in the New Year’s look. At least not entirely: to welcome 2021 as it should fashion therapy plans to abandon (at least) slippers and slippers for one evening. Come on, it can be done. We assure, then, that rpick up abandoned stilettos (alas) it has been causing a shiver of excitement for months. And feminists don’t want it, but high heels, perhaps stiletto, unleash an undeniable magic when worn: they make us look slimmer, more confident, more powerful, happier. In conclusion, they elevate us in all senses.

Okay, many, after having kept them in a corner for two seasons, are thinking of giving it up forever. This too is the “pandemic effect”. Fashion experts predict that heels will go out of style and that when we return to work and attend events, we will prefer to wear our trendy sneaker. Ma celebs seem to extend the life of sharp footwear: Cardi B continues to share her photos on Instagram complete with Fashion Nova and Dolce & Gabbana designer heels, as well as the Kardashian sisters, while Sarah Jessica Parker (always be praised) continues to show off and sell her skyscraper shoes, pandemic or not.

For the heels lovers hope also comes from the reports of Lyst, an online shopping platform: online searches for high shoes in the last three months have increased by 42%. On the catwalk, the designers, after all, do not give up on it and, both for this season and for the next, they still offer models on which to stand out.

Balmain Primavera/Estate 2021. Foto Gorunway

So, before making planters to embellish quarantined balconies or tools to make bizarre TikToks (have you seen the social trend of squeezing water-filled balloons with super pointed heels?), Our advice is go back to wearing heels for New Year’s Eve. Strictly over 10 cm, strictly noisy (with all due respect to the tenant on the floor below). They are, in fact, ours revenge shoes against a year, which like a toxic love, has taken away a lot but not the desire to get back into the game. Let’s say goodbye to 2020 in the way fashion more right, then, looking at it from top to bottom, crushing it like Olivia Newton-John, hovering over stratospheric sabot, the cigarette butt in the final scene of Grease.

In the gallery we have selected 20 models with killer heels to wear to toast the new year. Ready to get your feet back in Barbie mode?

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