Home Opinion High-speed train will connect Miami to Orlando from 2023

High-speed train will connect Miami to Orlando from 2023

High-speed train will connect Miami to Orlando from 2023

Travel between Miami and Orlando may get faster from 2023 onwards. That’s because a unprecedented high-speed train route is expected to open early next year and will connect the two great cities of Florida in a journey of about three hours.

Operated by the Brightline railway company, the trains will reach a maximum speed of approximately 200 km/h and will link the Miami to Orlando International Airport. The company already makes trips between the cities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

According to Brightline, the construction of the 274 km stretch of rail between West Palm Beach and Orlando it is already more than 70% complete and should be completed by the end of 2022. Passenger transport, however, should only start at the beginning of next year.

The project is part of the company’s expansion of services between South Florida and the central portion of the state. According to estimates, the Brightline corridor between Miami and Orlando will result in an economic impact of $6.4 billion and create more than 10,000 jobs over eight years.

Currently, the trip between the two cities can be made by car in up to four hours on the highways that cross the state or by means of flights that last about 40 minutes.

rail route

The route will link downtown Miami’s Brightline station to Orlando International Airport’s Terminal C rail station.

For that, implements had to be made in the vicinity of the airport, which has a movement of about 46 million passengers per year.

Brightline’s railroad in this area of ​​Orlando is called Zone 2 and was completed in February of this year. It is a dual carriageway that travels under active airport taxiways.

The construction of the zone included six bridges, two underpasses and a roundabout designed to aid the flow of traffic.

The new route was also expected to include a stop at Disney Springs within the Walt Disney World Resort complex, but the project was canceled at the end of June.

However, the next step is already defined. After completing the construction of the connection until the Mickey landan unprecedented stretch between Orlando and the city of Tampa will start to get off the ground.

In early June, the project began to take shape as the federal government transferred funds of around US$ 15.8 million to be invested in the intercity passenger plan.

Trains on the route must follow the standards of other lines already operated by Brightline, which are equipped with ergonomic seats and free Wi-Fi.

Wide hallways accommodate wheelchair storage and restrooms are accessible.

There are two classes sold: Smart is described as “a comfortable business class option”, with food and beverages available upon purchase. Premium, on the other hand, is marketed as the company’s first class, with food, drinks and pre-departure lounge access included in the ticket.

The official ticket prices for the route have not yet been released, but it is stipulated that prices should start at around US$ 100.

For the future, Brightline also plans to bring rail services to the west of the United Stateswith plans to connect Las Vegas to southern California.

Source: CNN Brasil



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