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Highway collapse in southern China leaves 36 dead, state media says

The collapse of a section of an expressway in the Chinese province of Guangdong on Wednesday (1st) caused vehicles to crash and kill 36 people, state media reported on Thursday (2).

Around 30 people were also injured as millions of people in the country traveled for the May 1 holiday.

State media videos showed that a task force was sent to recover vehicles and help with rescue efforts.

The collapse, caused by heavy rain, occurred on the Meizhou-Dabu Expressway, Xinhua news agency reported. The collapsed section was 17.9 meters long and caused 23 vehicles to crash, he added.

Meizhou is one of the areas of Guangdong that has been hit hard by heavy rain and hail since late April, causing dangerous landslides, flooded homes and destroyed bridges.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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