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Hillary Clinton taunts Trump and wears a cap with the phrase But Her emails

After Donald Trump was the subject of a federal investigation for taking and storing confidential White House documents when he left the presidency, Hillary Clinton posted this Friday (9) a photo wearing a cap with the phrase “But Her emails“, on the social network Twitter.

The Democrat took advantage of the prominence that the accusation against Trump gained on Thursday (8), after the former president was investigated for taking and storing White House documents in his private residence in Florida, to provoke the former president.

The sale of the caps also serves to raise funds for his institution Onward Together, which funds progressive political groups.

The expression “But Her emails” is critical in tone to the accusations faced by the Democrat during the 2016 presidential campaign, when his emails were leaked and he faced Trump in a close election race. She was cleared.

In a tweet to her more than 31 million followers, the Democrat wrote: “Bringing this back in light of recent news.”

Hats can be purchased on the Onward Together website and cost as little as $32.00.

Source: CNN Brasil

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