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His colleagues in Britain say goodbye to Michael Mosley with tributes

The tributes of the British television station, BBC, have been continuous since it was confirmed by the Greek authorities that the body found today a few meters from the coast in Symi belongs to the well-known presenter Michael Mosley. His colleagues expressed their regret on Social Media, writing that for the simplicity and directness he had in explaining and analyzing to the world how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. They stand by the professionalism that characterized him, while some call him… “their hero”. Mosley’s ‘enormous legacy’ of explaining science to the general public. “As well as his enthusiasm…. he had an encyclopedic brain, he tackled every story,” Hammond told Sky News. “He was making sure that all the researchers and assistant producers on the show had a scientific background,” said radio doctor Phil Hammond. The “peeps” of Mosley’s colleagues in detail:
Source: News Beast

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