Historic day in Mexico: The criminalization of abortion is unconstitutional

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The Supreme Court of Mexico has unanimously ruled that criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional, a decision that is a great victory for women’s health and human rights advocates. at a time when some US states are enacting stricter anti-abortion laws.

The court ruling in a country with a Roman Catholic majority follows moves to decriminalize abortion at the state level, although most of the country still enforces strict laws against women who terminate their pregnancies prematurely.

«This is a historic step for women’s rights“, Said the judge of the Supreme Court Luis Maria Aguilar.

Some US states have recently taken steps to restrict women’s access to abortion, especially in Texas, which last week enacted the strictest anti-abortion law in the country after the US Supreme Court refused to intervene.

The decision of the Mexican Supreme Court opens the door to the possibility of releasing women who were imprisoned for having an abortion.

The decision may also lead women from the US, from states such as Texas, to decide to travel south of the border to terminate their pregnancies.

In July, Veracruz became the fourth Mexican state to decriminalize abortions.

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