History teacher and sexy poses at OnlyFans – How her “little dirty secret” was revealed

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When the teacher History Amy Caps was invited by the school principal to attend a meeting via Zoom, she knew she was in trouble.

“It simply came to our notice then. “I trembled with fear and shame,” she recalls. The embarrassment was caused when the committee presented evidence of her profile on its screen in OnlyFans, the subscription platform that allows users to sell provocative or even nude photos.

“They made me feel so small and disgusting”says 32-year-old Caps, who admitted in front of them that she had an account, was made available and eventually quit her job, where she taught children aged 13 and 14.

“I was not ashamed because I did it, but knowing that my colleagues knew about it, it made me gather,” notes the former professor, now from North Carolina, USA. “I was so terrified that I had no choice but to resign.”

At the same time, however, he loved what he did in OnlyFans. “I loved having a side of me that no one at school knew. I felt like a naughty superhero – a teacher during the day, a scumbag at night “.

So they caught her and began to wonder how her “little dirty secret” was revealed. Was there a case of the school principal being one of its paying clients?

But the culprit was found and was her ex-husband, Theodore, who hated for a long time the fact that other men were watching her. In fact, his jealousy was one of the main reasons that led to the divorce in 2020.

He had shown her revealing posts on OnlyFans to someone from the school, who then notified the principal.

Theodore has confessed that he was behind, even claiming that “she deserved it”. But it seems that to a small extent he has regretted what he did, saying that “a part of him regrets the betrayal” because of the “shame” he caused.

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