Hoaxing her daughter’s terminal illness to make money – ‘Paranoid Worried Mum or Scammer?’

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Taken from a movie script is the case of Lindsey Abbuhl, who was sentenced to prison for she pretended her daughter was terminally ill disease and thus managed to extract from donations almost 5,000 dollars. Her case is reminiscent of hers Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother Dee Dee, which even became a series (see The Act), except that this case had a tragic end.

His 35-year-old mother from Canton Ohiowho stated guilty of endangering a minor and theftwas sentenced to four to six years in prison and ordered to pay more than $8,500 in restitution, Fox8 reported and rebroadcast New York Post.

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The charges relate to a scam which he set up on the GoFundMe platform called “Rylee’s Warriors” which had raised over $4,500 by the time it was taken down.

According to the competent authorities, Abbuhl lied that her 11-year-old daughter had a central nervous system disease and that her brain was collapsing.

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The fundraising campaign became quite famous and the mother with the 11-year-old girl even appeared on a local channel to share their story in February 2021. At the time, Abbuhl claimed that her daughter, whose identity is being withheld due to her age, was forced, due to her illness to give up her dream of playing softball.

“Her doctors were concerned that this particular sport was beyond her capabilities due to her illness, so we made the difficult decision for her to stop,” said Abdul.

When the Malone University softball team heard about the girl’s story, they spread the GoFundMe campaign to their fans and invited the little girl to throw out the first ball at a game against Walsh University.

But in May 2021 someone informed the Authorities that the mother misled her daughter and the public “in order to make money to travel, provide housing and other personal expenses.”

Court documents obtained by FOX8 state that “a doctor reports that there is no evidence to support the mother’s claim that [το κορίτσι] it is dying». In addition, the medical examiner’s report said the 11-year-old girl had undergone psychotherapy for three years to “work through the idea that she was going to die”.

Abbuhl’s guilty plea was “the best way to avoid further trauma to a child who has already been through so much,” the prosecutor said in a press release after the trial. The mother may be released in six months if she shows good behavior.

In a statement to WKYC last week, Mr Lawyer of the mother argued that her daughter “had diagnosed medical conditions, including a brain injury».

“Is this a case of a paranoid, genuinely concerned mother or someone who really tried to profit from the dishonesty? Only the mother herself really knows the answer to that. This agreement (in court) was reached as a compromise, so that the mother will be free after serving six months in prison, as long as she complies with the rules of behavior there,” he said.

As the lawyer said, Abbuhl’s daughter “is fine” and now lives with her father.

Source: News Beast

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