Holidays 2021, here are the 10 most popular Italian islands

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There is little time left for the next holidays: but what are the most sought-after destinations by Italians? According to a survey conducted by TheFork, 87% will take a vacation and among these, 9 out of 10 Italians – 90% – have confirmed that they want to to spend the holidays in the places of the Belpaese: in the lead among the favorite regions we find the Sicily, Puglia e Tuscany, the latter flanked by the Sardinia.

However, there are those who have aimed to evaluate the interest in going to the islands in fact, it is Musement, a digital platform useful for booking travel experiences in over 140 countries around the world, to create a map that summarizes what are the most popular European islands. Conducted by monitoring the search volumes on Google of 200 islands in 44 countries of the continent for two years, the analysis places at the top of the ranking Santorini, one of the Cycladic islands located in the Aegean Sea which, in addition to being among the most renowned, is the smallest – by surface – among those present in the ranking. There is to follow it Tenerife perfect for organizing holidays at any time of the year thanks to its perpetually spring climate and in third place, on a par with Crete, appears the Sardinia with paradisiacal beaches and cultural sites to visit, which is not only a favorite with Italians but also the most sought after by those living in Austria and Liechtenstein.

Nonetheless, our countrymen would prefer the local islands over the more coveted Greek or Spanish tourist capitals. In fact, from the white beaches ofElba island a Procida, which will be the Capital of Italian Culture in 2022, and the Faraglioni of Capri, I’m over 1.6 million searches carried out on the search engine that see focus on Italian destinations completely surrounded by the sea.

Are you curious to find out what the 10 most popular Italian islands? Take a look at the gallery of this article: maybe you can find inspiration to decide where to spend your next holidays.

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