Holidays, 8 apps (and sites) to organize them effectively

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It’s time for holidays: but what are the intentions of the Italians for the next few weeks? According to a survey on food and wine tourism conducted by TheFork, a platform used to book tables in restaurants, over 8 out of 10 Italians – about 87% – will leave for the holidays and of these, 90% have decided to stay within the Italian borders: from Sicily to the Marche, the sea ​​would be the preferred destination by those who will take a few days off while alone 11% will opt for the mountains and, mainly, in Trentino-Alto Adige. Those who have decided to travel to Europe, on the other hand, are among the most popular destinations Greece, followed by Spain e France.

But what better way to organize the trip and maybe book the flight, accommodation and manage expenses directly online or through an app?

Among the most useful alternatives for those who will make their next holidays in the company of their friends, for example, there is Splitwise which allows you to record all the expenses made by each individual participant in the holiday and, at the end, quickly obtain an account of how much money will have to be returned to each one to balance the accounts. As well as Cocobuk, useful for booking a position in the best Italian bathing establishments or even the site Pitchup to find and book the ideal campsite.

However, there are different solutions for all needs: are you curious to know them? In the gallery you will find 8 useful apps and sites to organize your next vacation quickly but above all effectively!

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